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How to Scale to 6 Figures as a New Age Advisor or Multiple 6- 7 as a New Age Firm

  • We exclusively work with Mortgage & Financial Advisory Firm Owners and advisors who struggle to generate a consistent and predictable flow of high value qualified appointments with their most ideal and profitable clients.


  • The only thing stopping you achieving your goals is a way to put yourself in front of thousands of them day in day out.


  • We use automated AI incorporating digital marketing strategies to do this at scale, by positioning you as an expert authority in your market to build trust, relationships and connections to achieve more appointments, more deals, resulting in a lean, profitable real business which works for you and buys back your time

Our Programmes

Done For You Marketing

Facebook Page Managemnt for Brokers

Consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing.​

I create branded, relevant content to save you the hassle of thinking what to post and creating the content.​

This service saves you the time to both think of what to post and actually post. And the content I produce is of a high, professional standard.

I only work with financial service clients so understand the landscape when it comes to things like compliance and understand the services offered by mortgage and protection advisors.

New Age Elites Mastermind Coming Soon

New Age Elite Firms is a 12-month mastermind that gives you a custom plan, live events, tools, community, coaching, accountability, and the support necessary to scale to that next level.

Who it's for

New Age Elites is exclusive to forward thinking financial service firms making at least 15k /month. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

  • Scaling while maintaining a high ROI.

  • Hiring and managing a sales team.

  • Delegating the day-to-day operations.

  • Running your business by the numbers with high profit margins 

  • Finding a peer-group of other people at or above your level so you can raise your standards.


How it works

New Age Elites gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Custom plan: 1on1 onboarding session to map out your plan for the year.

  • Live events: 2x live full day in person events every year

  • Event recordings: All live events are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them.

  • Tools: Get all the tools required to build, test, maintain, and optimise all business systems.

  • Community: Skool community where you can hang out with other elite firms.

  • Coaching: 1x  weekly Q&A call on Zoom where you can ask  questions live.

  • Accountability: Quarterly check-in calls from your success coach to hold you accountable.

  • Support: Get 24/7 support via the community or email/online chat/ with your success coach.

Our Clients Say

Elaine West (Eagle Mortgages)

“Stop buying leads, stop pressing boost, just do this! That's my advice!"

Dave Corbett

"Dan has worked with countless PRIMIS brokers and comes highly recommended. His knowledge of his craft is why i continue to recommend his services but he's also a really kind & gentle bloke just a really non salesy approach -just a pleasure to work with Dan will deliver results"

Bob Scott

“I have recommended Dan to a huge number of firms I work with after I was shown how much he had helped an already strong & established business. Many more are now reaping the benefits of working with Dan. I can not recommend him highly enough”

Chris Days 

“Just got my first appointment booked from implementing some of the things from the first few videos - only been doing it since the weekend!”

Jenny Holt (The Mortgage Hub

“Since joining this course my business has increased by 200% and I have more time to spend with the family”
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