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Facebook Page Maintenance for Mortgage Brokers

This service saves you the time to both think of what to post and actually post.

The content I produce is of a high, professional standard.

I only work with financial service clients so understand the landscape when it comes to things like compliance and understand the services offered by mortgage and protection advisors.

This service which includes:

  • Daily posts

  • Branded posts

  • Industry news

  • Educational posts on mortgages & protection

  • Viral highly sharable curated home images

  • Inspirational posts

  • Entertaining posts

*Disclaimer - the content I post isn't designed to push sales at people. I use a softer approach to garner interaction through delivery of value in terms of what people want to see which in turn builds trust.

I do not post daily about mortgages and protection like most firms and brokers do as let's be honest.. That just bores the pants of people. I keep things light, entertaining and educational NOT salesy.

I charge £250 per month plus VAT for this service.

Brokers like Liam below likes the service as do others all over the UK.

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