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Providing a Proven Strategy to Help Financial Service Professionals Self Generate Qualified, Predictable Red Hot Leads with Full, Ongoing Support and a 100% money back gaurentee.

New Age Firms is designed for mortgage and financial service firms looking to scale to 7 figures and beyond.

We get it, you need to a reliable and predictable source of qualified leads to scale your firm.

Leads you buy in are difficult to convert and take time to dig through to find the few good ones. These kind of leads have zero trust and are generally unqualified.

We've been on both sides of the fence. We've produced leads for firms but we've now found that when you generate them yourself with our expert guidance the conversion rate shoots up. Plus you're not paying stupid money every month to marketing firms.

We get it, you guys are busier than ever at the moment which the programme is designed around.

Get extra accountability through one to one coaching and a VSL funnel with full tech set up to achieve  10 - 20 qualified appointments consistently week in week out.

Section 1:
Niche Definition

We're going to start by taking some action, doing some exercises, and I'm going to show you how to pick your niche and clearly define exactly who your ideal client is.

Section 3:
Getting Clients for Free (Quick Wins)

Facebook Client Attraction

-Linkedin Client Attraction (w/ automation)

-Video for social

- How to hire a $5ph virtual assistant

Section 5:
Facebook Ads

Laying foundations

The Planning Stage

Tracking and KPIs

Live Launch Walk Through

Retargeting & scaling up

Section 2:
Mindset & Performance w/ Ross

-Defining success

-Self awareness



Section 4
Your 'Done for You' Funnel (Full Tech Set Up Inc)

See live funnel example and training at

VSL Funnel Overview

Recording Your Presentation

Email Automation w/ Active Campaign


Working With the Best

Book Your Breakthrough Business Growth Session

Guarantee & FAQs

We run regular live coaching sessions with regular guest speakers from some of the financial services industry’s elites.


What do we provide:

Plug and play funnel inc:

Landing page and full funnel template 

Slide templates​

Script template

Email automation sequences and 30 drip campaign

Once the programme is completed, students will still have access to the coaching and the content for 12 months and will receive email updates when fresh content is added.


If you don't make a return on your investment after 6 months we will refund you the full investment.*



How much time will it take me?

Most people spend around 3 or 4 hours per week learning and around an 30 mins per day executing.


How long will it take me to start seeing some results?

Most committed students will take around 6 weeks to start seeing results although some students have achieved results in the form of booked appointments within days.


How long do I get access?

12 months 


How often do you update the course content?

We are constantly investing in new ways to grow our own business so all the stuff we learn is always being added to the programme so you can rest assured that you will always be at the cutting edge of the latest digital marketing lead generation strategies. Digital marketing moves fast so it’s essential that your learning is up to date. The course content will be constantly refreshed and you’ll be up skilled through weekly live coaching sessions.


What if I can't make the live coaching sessions?

All sessions are recorded and made available in a private community.


How do I get support?

Through your one to one coaching sessions, the regular group coaching sessions, or you can ask questions in the community group where you will get insight from other members of the community as well as coaches. 

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