Why Do Mortgage Brokers Need A Coach? - Guest Speaking on the Mortgage Broker Podcast

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

An hour of my own voice 😩😂

Had fun recording this podcast with Craig Skeltton:


Here's the intro:

Why Do Mortgage Brokers Need A Coach?

In this weeks episode of the Mortgage Broker Broadcast, @danreddish, owner of Dan Reddish Consulting talks about New Age Advisor and so much more.

Why You Should Show Your Personality

Why You Should Prioritise The Things That Really Move The Needle In Your Business

Why You Should Know Your Hourly Rate?

Dan gives us a very real, honest account of how he took a negative of the pandemic, turned that into a positive and created New Age Advisor. He explains what New Age Advisor is, why his students have to be committed and how those students are benefitting from being part of the programme.

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