Niche Marketing - Stop Competing with Other Mortgage Brokers on Price

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

There are 5,210 directly-authorised mortgage intermediary firms in the UK, according to Financial Conduct Authority figures.

The FCA says those firms employ 34,105 approved people, and that there are an additional 14,169 appointed representatives as of 10 January 2018. The majority of which are all selling the same products from all of the UK's 200+ mortgage lenders which means you're competing against a hell of a lot of advisers.

There is an answer to this - niche marketing!

Niche marketing allows you to scientifically sell by understanding the mind or your buyer.

Once you can define the persona of your ideal client by finding out things like their age, what they do, where they live, what their hobbies are, what their challenges, fears and pains are it makes it easier for you to target your marketing to them and to agitate their current undesirable situation in your message to elicit a response from them.

Then you can carefully position yourself and your offer as the vehicle to bridge the prospect from their current position to their desired situation.


When you can achieve this you create a pull effect where clients will come to you rather than you chasing clients and you will no longer be competing with other firms which means you are no longer competing on price so can charge more for your services.

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