New Age Advisor is 1

When COVID hit I lost over half my revenue pretty much over night.

I'm sure alot or you can resonate with the lost feeling of anguish this situation inflicts when you're self employed and have mouths to feed.

I had 2 options:

1)Bury my head in the sand and hope things get better.

2)Do something about it.

That something was to completely overhaul my business activities and strip it right back to focus on the biggest part of my revenue (coaching) and productise it into a COVID proof package for one specific customer profile.

New Age Advisor which is an online lead generation, digital marketing and business growth coaching programme for financial services was born.

Through this process I learned that business doesn't need to be complicated. In fact on the contrary. When you focus on one area you get good at it, you produce better results for your clients, you have more time and less headaches and can charge a premium price.

2 years later and I work with an amazing team of coaches who I know class as friends on something I love doing.

The best part?

Helping people improve their lives.

As a human being I can't see that there is a more fulfilling role than to help others improve their lives and their businesses.

Some of which have grown their business by 200% in as little as 3 months.

We now have over 50 students who we work with to help bring them up to speed with how technology to can do alot of the heavy lifting for them and show them how they can generate leads quickly using Facebook, LinkedIn and a sales funnel.

Some massive improvements planned for the programme in 2022 so can't wait to make more of a difference to people's lives 🙌

Special mention to my coaches Ash Borland and Ross Cooney who have helped to make it all possible.

See for an idea of what we do at New Age Advisor

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