Linkedin Algorithm

Updated: May 26

After three months of research and analysis, here are the results of "The LinkedIn Algorithm Research". With answers to questions like "what is the impact of dwell time on the performance of my posts" or "does the algorithm works the same for a Company Page as it does for a Personal Page"

What's been investigated

The LinkedIn Algorithm is a very complex system, that is influenced by both automatic and human actions. In addition, many factors are part of the algorithm and it is often the combination that provides the ideal support for your content and a better result in views and desired conversion.

The research focused on the following factors

  • The impact of an All-Star profile and (higher) Social Selling Index score

  • The effect of Dwell time on our posts and the changes in our timeline

  • The difference between getting and giving "Likes", "Comments" and "Shares"

  • How the packaging of your post could influence the results

  • How to use #hashtags and tags wisely for optimal result

  • The best time to post and the desired actions in the first 2 and 24 hours after posting

  • What about video content? Or articles?

  • What type of content provides the best results and why?

  • How to act on a Company Page to expand your reach, followers and conversion?

What was discovered.... here is the "Gold"

Some of the conclusions highlighted...

✪ If your Social Selling score is above 60, your posts will benefit from it, together with having an All-Star profile this will boost your content

#Hashtags, 3 is no longer the magical number (like it was back in good old 2019). We see maximum benefit when using 3 to 10 hashtags. Less than 3 is a missed opportunity, more than 10 is considered spam. Choose a combination of specific hashtags and hashtags with many followers

✪ Tags can help you get more views when the tagged people do engage with your content. if you tag the wrong people (those who do not respond or remove the tag), LinkedIn will punish you with less reach. Bye bye tag abuse for your own purposes!

✪ Thanks to dwell time, the type of posts where people need more time to consume your content are performing very well, like "native video" or sharing "documents". But also external links are getting slightly better statistics compared to 2019