Facebook Organic Marketing for Financial Services

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Content creation (branded videos & pictures)

1-2 posts per day

Rapid response to reviews, comments & messages

Rather than pushing out a constant stream of sales posts and promos we prefer to employ a more selfless approach by delivering content that is of value to your target audience as apposed to self serving content.

No one likes to be sold to. The psychological implication of this is a subconscious shut down of the decision making process when we see what we perceive an ad. With this in mind, we have to think out of the box so to speak by gaining attention using other stimuli.

We believe the best way to 'sell' is to build relationships over time. Lack of trust is at an all-time high and trust is essential when making buying decisions.

When relationships are built over time the upshot is that trust is created.

When our audience knows, likes and trusts us the chances of them converting are exponentially increased.

Also, since we now know our customer we can employ 'scientific selling' where we can craft our marketing message to address our audiences specific pains, problems and desires, agitate their current undesired situation and offer a solution to transition them from their current undesirable situation to their desired situation.

The content created will include your logo where possible to help build your brand. We post a mixture of content, the nature of which all come under one of three categories:




An educational post may be one outlining how income protection works or a post on how to improve credit rating. When a educational angle is employed it increases the desirability of the message thus receiving a higher reach as apposed to a more basic salesy post.

The inspirational posts would be in the form of inspirational quotes with your logo and branding. We will also repost viral inspirational stories from some of the large publishers featuring inspirational favourites like Ant Middleton and David Goggins.

What also works well is what we call 'emotional brand intelligence' (EBI). This is used to build an emotional brand connection with your audience. This are posts and re-shares around subjects that are of a positive nature that so many hold close to their heart. Content around the good work the NHS were doing through the pandemic and the stories around Capt Tom Moore serve as perfect examples of how to effectively grow your brand through EBI.

An example of an entertaining post would be the use of funny memes. Memes are highly engaging and produce a high level of engement. The engagement is our goal here as the way the Facebook algorithm works is that it rewards pages with high levels. If someone interacts with your page the chances of them seeing future posts are much higher.

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