15 Ways to Explode Your Financial Service Business on Linkedin & Get an 'All Star' Profile

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Achieving All-Star Status

There are five levels of status, from least complete to highest completion: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and All-Star.

Why it is important to be an All-Star

According to LinkedIn:

Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.

That is forty times more likely to receive opportunities new clients, new markets, new connections to centers of influence and more.

To me, an all-star profile means:

  • you are easily found when someone searches for what you do

  • your profile intrigues people, prompting them to connect with and learn more about you.

In fact, having a polished profile is so vital that I recommend you don’t start actively using LinkedIn for lead generation until you complete this step.

Depending on your level, LinkedIn will adjust

the reach in as follows:

1. All-Star 1,5x your normal reach

2. Intermediate your normal reach

3. Beginner 0,5x your normal reach


1. Know your ideal client so you can create a client focused profile. It should speak

directly to them and their main pain point.

People are thinking what’s in it for them and if they don’t see anything of value in the first few seconds of scanning your profile they won’t connect.

2.Include keywords eg ' mortgage broker for tradesmen’

3 Set up a custom URL

4 Add links to other profiles, your website and your funnel once it’s built

5 Add video to allow people to get to know you

6. Get recommendations (ideally from your niche)

7. Professional cover banner and address ideal client main pain point.

8. Photo - professional but approachable and relevant for your niche (if tradesmen don’t look overly stuffy and corporate)

9. Headline - most important part as it’s the first thing they will read. Use the ‘I help niche to outcome by removing pain point.'

10. Summary - something that attracts your niche and keeps them reading - could be a transformation story of how you’ve helped your niche and taken someone from an undesired situation to a desired one.

11. Have 500 connections.

18. Share posts daily (no more than one)

13. Write in first person

14. Share a bit about your background in summary

15. Include a CTA - this should be a link to your calendar link for them to arrange a free strategy call.

For more linkedin tips see my video here; https://youtu.be/i_qfuFkJp8o

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