new age advisor transformation programme


The Concept


I'd been planning the programme for 18 months prior to creating a single slide or video researching the financial services market to establish it's needs, desires and problems that my skills as a digital marketer could address.


After speaking with hundreds of advisors it has become apparent that the two main problems are:

  1. Acquisition - No predictable, reliable rinse and repeat method to self generate appointments. Buying in leads that don't convert well and relying on referrals from friends and family which convert well, but are not predictable and do not scale easily.

  2. Lack of time - Advisors are working very hard but not always in an effective way.


The main desire is that advisors want more time to spend with their families.


These problems and desires sat in-line with the work I've been doing for my own acquisition efforts over the years. I've been there myself where I've been working flat out with not much to show for it so it was a natural decision to make for me to share similar strategies that have helped me to automate and streamline my client attraction methods into a productised online package.

So the basic premise of 'New Age Advisor' is to bring students into the new age by transitioning them into next level firms and advisors by helping to create a set, proven organic strategy and an automated client attraction process designed to eliminate all of the time wasting activities most advisors are wasting their time with.


The Process


'New Age Advisor' is a hybrid, evergreen coaching programme. 


Hybrid in the sense that we combine online self-teach through an online learning portal with live expert coaching from myself, Ash Borland (Personal Branding) and Ross Cooney (Performance/Mindset). 


This is done through a weekly Zoom call and in between where students can contact us for help related to the course content. Students are also added to a private Facebook community where they can post questions and share knowledge and best practice to help each other along. This is a great form of networking as advisors and firms really get to know each other through the calls and the group. Through these channels we hope students will feel they are not alone in the process and always have a guiding hand to help them to where they need to be.


The programme is evergreen in the sense that it is in a constant state of iteration. As feedback comes through it will be refined. The whole idea of the programme is to get students from their current undesired situation to their desired situation in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort possible so we will always be tweaking the programme to achieve that. Plus value will be always added to the content. Personally I am a big believer in investing into myself. I myself am a member of other masterminds and coaching programmes and invest around 20k a year on my own education so when I learn new skills that will be relevant they will be constantly added to the programme. Also digital marketing is in a constant state of change. What works today could have changed by tomorrow. Obviously we are on this and will adjust content accordingly and swiftly.


The Structure

The programme is set out into a set of interlinking parts which need to be completed in sequential order for them to make sense and to work. These parts are categorised into 6 different weeks. Within each week there are 2-6 video modules. Within each video module there are slides covering the points of the module. Within each module there will be a training video, downloadable cheat sheets which explain when more detail is needed, pin ups to aid the student's learning, action points which are the actions required to be completed to before moving onto the next stage, a transcription from the video and an MP3 audio rip from the video.


Week - 1 The Journey Begins


Week one is the foundational and most important week of the programme. This is where we work with students to pick a niche and define exactly who their ideal client is. Marketing and client attraction becomes 100x easier and more powerful when you know exactly who it is you're looking for. When you can define this, it's then about really getting to know them and what makes them tick. When you do this you can structure your marketing around the niche's problems and desires so it really resonates with them. This makes life easier for brokers as they get to know exactly what their clients need and will be roughly the same every time and so become a specialist in knowing exactly what products and services they need, learn how they work through and through and know exactly where to get them quickly and efficiently.


Week 2 - Getting Clients for Free (Organic)


This is where students take their new niche specific offering and messaging to the market to achieve a 'proof of concept' before we move onto paid methods later in the programme. We use both outbound and inbound strategies using Facebook and or Linkedin depending on where their ideal client is. Week 2 also includes a full module on exactly how to produce professional, lead acquiring video for social media which build authority within their chosen niche.


Week 3 - Mindset with Ross Cooney


Ross takes his experiences of performing at a high level in sport, competing at 3 Triathlon World Championships and multiple half and full Ironman events, coupled with his time with the Royal Marines and raising a young family and being part of a caring and loving relationship with his wife to provide the backbone of his philosophy for learned mental and physical skills.

The mindset modules focus on 6 key life dimensions, looking at where students are right now versus where they want to be!
-Health and Fitness
-Family and Community
-Psychological Wellbeing

Week 4 - Facebook ads

In this week we show students how to take the candle flame we've set alight from the 'proof of concept' we have gained from week 2 in acquiring a few clients organically, proving that their new structured offering and messaging resonates and achieves 'market fit' and we throw fuel on the flame to really blow things up and scale up the process. I've been running Facebook ads for myself and my clients for many years now and to this day haven't found a more powerful way to market either online or off. Facebook have colossal stores of data on each of it's almost 3 billion active users which make it a marketers dream.

Week 5 - Personal Branding with Ash Borland

Personal branding has helped to acquire countless clients over the years and what better man to teach it than Ash Borland. Ash is a personal Branding Coach, Podcaster & Speaker. He helps people stand out from the crowd by building, shaping and refining their own personal brand. Personal branding is the key to success in today’s world of heavy competition and unlimited choice. People make their buying and hiring decisions based on the brand of a person behind a product or service. They want to see if the person backing the product has a reliable personal brand which has authority in the industry.

WEek 6 - Funnels and Email Automation

We provide students with a proven, working funnel template. The VSL funnel is a series of webpages which we push targeted traffic to from Facebook ads. Student's leads will pass through these pages in sequential order. The process is set out in a way which collects the leads email in return for watching a free training (value video) which builds trust and authority and includes the offer for a free strategy call. If the lead takes the bait they will go to the next stage of the funnel which is a calendar page where the lead will book a time and date for them to receive the call through a piece of scheduling software. The next page is an application form on a survey page which takes qualifying information from the lead. This data automatically gets captured into a CRM which builds up a list of leads that can be nurtured over time through email drip campaigns. If any slip the net and drop out of the funnel, we also provide email automations which will automatically email the lead in an attempt to pull them back into it if they drop out .

Once the programme is completed, students will still have access to the coaching and the content for life and will receive email updates when fresh content is added.

New Age Advisor is not for everyone but if you'd like to arrange a call for me to diagnose your situation and learn more about your business to establish if it would be a good fit for you please fill in the form below.